Family and the land are the essence of my art. It impacts everything that I think and everything that I create.

From our family of nine combined children I am reminded of the need for comfort, art that we can touch, can wrap up in, that can light our life.


From the land...I am reminded of the colors and textures that inspire our eyes and touch our skin and of the many breezes and all the types of water...rain of so many varieties, waves of varying force, streams that trickle and roar...all of this inspires me and so... inspires my creations as well.

After owning a small ukulele shop for many years I decided, to bring in yarn. I struggled to find the color saturation and excitement in fiber that mirrored my life and so began to dye my own. After 15 years I have recently sold the shop, Hanalei Strings, to my dear friends Tora and Kirk Smart and have moved into creating fiber art full time. Luckily...Hanalei Hand Dyed yarn still has a place at Hanalei Strings!

Photo credit:

Tora Smart