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The Collaboration

Hanalei Hand Dyed XO Puka People is comprised of the individual creative endeavors of Karen Sherwood and Beau Blair respectively. Together they realized they both had a deep desire to share their relaxed island life style through beautiful clothing hand crafted by merging unique fibers with vibrant colors. Every piece is 100% unique and infused with the colors of Kauai. 


Puka People is the creative outlet for Beau Blair who has had a lifelong relationship with the ocean and the beach as a surfer and beach wanderer. Pukas are wave- and beach-polished shell fragment formed from the spire of a sea snail found along beaches of Pacific Islands. Puka is the Hawaiian word for hole and these delicate shells are often used to make necklaces. Beau is a sculptor, potter and lifelong artist, mother of 2 and Tutu (grandmother) of 3!

Hanalei Hand Dyed is the creative outlet for Karen Sherwood who has a background in art. She has been applying dye to fibers for many years and feels that applying color to fabric is a way to create wearable art. Her color inspiration has long been nature where every conceivable color combination exists free for the looking. She is mother to a tribe of children, step-children, and grandchildren.

Together Beau and Karen share Puka People XO Hanalei Hand Dyed and one beautiful Granddaughter!

Fabrics & Color

We source beautiful linens, silks and cottons as the base of our creations. Wearing these fibers, especially linen, offers the feeling of connection with other periods of time when garments were more home spun, hand made and carried the feeling of longevity and value.

The fabrics are all dyed in a backyard workshop surrounded by the natural sounds of the ocean, and the colors of the jungle including the wild chickens. We have a mule named Po'ele who watches over our process and expects snacks. Our design and sewing work takes place on our lanai workrooms where the influence of nature continues.



Each dress, wrap and tunic is designed for comfort, layering and multitasking while looking gorgeous and feeling luxurious. The designs are simple and comfortable, letting the colors and art make the statement! They move easily from the garden to date night.

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